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When shipping companies across the globe place their trust in your hands they surely entrust you with their brands only after gauging your capability and performance. Representing them around the region successfully for decades and more, empowers us with immense skill and experience.

Over the years Sea Red Sail.Ltd. Shipping Agency has grown to meet the needs of some of the world's largest companies. Container vessels, to tankers, car carriers, dry bulk carriers to cruise vessels and trampers, we understand the business we are in explicitly.

With a proven track record in the shipping arena SRS Shipping Agency today is a trusted partner to many ship owners, charterers and operators in the region. With a value added chain of strong relationships with concerned authorities, be it ports or customs, documentations and on-line accessibility, the manner of our operations will assure you of our commitment to your business.

At SRS Shipping Agency, making it happen for you is of supreme importance.


  • Trusted & reliable partner
  • Excellent relationship with authorities
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team
  • Quick turn around of vessels & cargo, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers
  • Expertise to handle container, car carrier, tanker, break bulk, cruise, & cable vessels
  • Network of owned offices
  • Standardized services delivered always to exceed your expectation

we as agent act as a link between:

•the ship and its owner;
• the owner and any charterer;
• the owner and other cargo interests.
• should ensure that the master's problems will be solved for any types of formalities and understands the required rules and regulations in port of Amirabad.
• will monitor each voyage with the aim of minimizing expense and maximizing profit.
• will watch for and pre-empt potential problems.
• will act as a clearing house for information sent to and from the ship.
• will need to know as to provide , after the ship has been fixed on charter, the following
•information to be sent for our good customers; ship owners and charters in ports of Caspian sea:
• cargo type and quantity;
• load and discharge ports and restrictions thereat;
• notices of readiness required to be given by the master to charterers, shippers, agents or consignees; and the same to be emphasized as agent .
• any special instructions or advice in connection with the cargo.
• will obtain a copy of the charter party from the broker and discuss this with the master and submit the required to ship's master and owner as well .
•will contact owners at the loading port(s) and provide the operations department:
• a detailed pro-forma disbursements account;
• confirmation of any restrictions at the port regarding drafts of ports ;
• advice as to berthing and loading prospects;
• any other relevant information.
• will ensure that the following are arranged for the ship’s voyage:
• crew changes;
• crew mailing arrangements;
• engine and deck spares;
• stores, lubricants, bunkers and water;
• master’s cash or other special requirements;
• any surveys/ repairs and workshops required.
• will maintain close contact with port formalities once the ship has arrived at the load port,

To ensure:

• that notice of readiness is tendered and accepted without problem;

• that loading or discharge operations are progressing satisfactorily

in ports;

• we as agent is complying with instructions concerning bills of

lading, freight collection, etc;

• that the master’s requirements are being met in port ;

• that sufficient funds are sent to the owner for disbursements and master’s cash requirements in port.

* we as agent in Iranian ports believe that the agent’s principals the ship-owner.

*we as agent appears to act primarily in the interests of the charterer and to the detriment of the interests of the ship-owner, we as agent knew that our prime duty is to his principal, i.e. the ship owner.

* Any agent should primarily serve his principal, i.e. the party paying his fee, regardless of

whether that party or some other party has nominated him. Generally, if the ship-owner is paying a port agent’s fee, then the ship owner is the agent’s principal, regardless of whether a charterer or other party nominated the agent in ports of Iran .

* The chief duty of a ship’s agent is to look after the needs of his principal’s ship and the ship’s personnel whilst at ports of Caspian sea . In carrying out this duty the agent should:

• we represent our principal in port of Amirabad and Anzali and Nowshahr (i.e. the shipowneror time charterer, as the case may be);

• we assist the ship so as to achieve the quickest possible turn-round with the maximum efficiency, at minimum cost in ports of Iran.

• assist the master in his dealings with port, port State and other officials and commercial parties in ports of Iran ;

• procure any provisions, stores or other ship-related requirements for the master in port of Amirabad and Anzali and Nowshahr plus Feradounkenar.

• communicate messages between the owner (or time charterer) and the master in ports of Iran.

•we as agent are reliable and energetic in port and

• use all due care, skill and diligence in the performance of the agency.

* generally speaking ; we respect our self as well as our  customers/professions all the time as we believe that " the customers are always right".